“Wyrd bið ful aræd”

Old Anglo-Saxon for “Fate remains wholly inexorable”

Is fate something we cannot control? Or do we play a part in creating our own life and destiny?

After diving deep into life for over 3 decades now, living life intuitively and creatively and emotionally, I’ve come to the conclusion that we are living in a juxtaposition, where we are being asked to both surrender all control over to source, and asked to shape and form our own life within this surrendering to the universe.


Hi! I’m Debra, and here you will find all sorts of creative offerings in writing, fiber-arts and paintings and channeling. 

I offer a variety of clairvoyantly channeled portraits and crocheted fiber-arts, intuitive e-mail readings, and am working on a book specifically for spiritual mothers.

My work revolves around:

  • -past lives
  • -starseeds
  • -new-earth parenting
  • -spirit animals
  • -elementals
  • -pet communication
  • -twin flames/sacred partnership

I invite you to have a look around here and feel free to reach out via the contact form!

With creative love,

Debra AKA Mystic Wolf Soulcrafts

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