“Wyrd bið ful aræd”

Old Anglo-Saxon for “Fate remains wholly inexorable”

Is fate something we cannot control? Or do we play a part in creating our own life and destiny? Perhaps a little bit of both.



Welcome!  I am a visual artist & fiber-artist, early childhood educator, and mystic.

I am offering you my writings about consciousness and living in full alignment with source energy.


I’m excited as you go on this journey with me. Go check out the about section to learn more about who I am, and the blog section for articles. And if you are drawn to intuitive art and fiber-art, stay tuned for more exciting creative offerings soon!



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Choose the timeline of love and health!

I haven’t posted yet about this recent corona crisis that’s moving all over the globe. But the time has come to share my thoughts. Many people are going into doubt and fear, even lightworkers and people who are usually not easily swayed by fear or darkness. People who know themselves to be source and light … Continue reading Choose the timeline of love and health!

Twin Flames – what they are, and what they are not!

By far the best podcast I’ve ever listened to about twin flames. If you would like to find out more about twin flames and get down to earth info that’s grounded in real experience. Listen to this amazing podcast and forget everything you’ve ever read or heard about twin flames so far. For a long … Continue reading Twin Flames – what they are, and what they are not!

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