These intuitive wall hangings are all in the theme of mysticism/esoterica. Whether you’re spiritually curious, or well versed in spirituality and ceremony/ritual practices, these wall hangings can be a great addition to your living room or altar space/meditation area, or even nursery.
Through creating spirit portraits and offering energy healing/readings, I draw in a lot of high frequency energies, and creating my crocheted wall art is a way for me to release that energy back into another form of art/material. It’s a way of grounding the energies, so if you buy one of my creations, you buy the essence of what’s portrayed. All my creations carry high frequencies within them and are meant to use as a talisman or visual reminder the essence of what’s portrayed, through my work you can tune in to what’s portrayed to connect to the energy. Or to simply make your living spaces more cozy and add a personal, handmade touch to your home!

mermaid wallhanging1
available – mermaid wallhanging – tune in to Atlantean and Lemurian frequencies
available – moon phases wallhanging – tune into the moon and its magic
available – Mother Mary wall hanging – tune into the Rose Lineage and frequencies of the ancient Essenes.
detail of the Mother Mary Wallhanging’s embroidered rose
available – Goddess Isis wall hanging – tune into the Divine feminine and Sirian/Egyptian frequencies.

past creations:

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