By using a Lemurian color healing technique, I feel what colors would benefit you most when creating your personalized wallhanging. Each one, like my portraits, is like a fingerprint, one of a kind. By grounding the energy into a room, they can be helpful in your sacred space, bedroom, child’s room, anywhere you prefer spending time in your home! 

I offer 2 sizes: 

– small: these can range anywhere from 20cm↓-30cm→(8”-12”)
– large: these can range from 25cm↓-45cm→(10”-18”)
I can customize these by adding names or symbols or other figures by using a tapestry crochet technique or embroidery on top of the crocheted work, and a decorative fringe (see examples below). Please fill out the contact form below for more info or to place an order. Throughout the process I will gladly stay in touch with you through social media or e-mail to keep you up to date! 🙂 The package will be shipped to you with tracking within 2 to 4 weeks.