I offer several types of readings + portraits, I work with your Akashic records (your soul’s library). I started out offering spirit animal packages, but what truly triggered my spiritual re-awakening a few years ago were spontaneous past life flashbacks and memories and inter-dimensional/cosmic contact with guides on my team from other star systems. I had made portraits for myself, and now I felt the nudge to also offer this to others because I know how valuable it has been for myself to have these guides in my life and on this earth-journey with me. I know you’re also on your own journey here and want to help you connect with your soul-family beyond the veil, whether they be spirit animal, cosmic, angelic or parallel aspects of your own soul (past-life versions of yourself).

Painting spirit portraits is way more than simply painting. It’s a conversation and an energy exchange. Whenever I am working with someone’s energy, I am given a higher dimensional permission slip so to speak, to enter their energy and start a conversation with them.

I don’t just provide a service for someone and that’s it. I consider every person I work with soul-family. I know that beyond the veil a contract was made with both of our names on it.

When people get a portrait from me they often feel activated afterwards, I just flip on a switch for them to have more light to see and they do the rest of the work. This is the beginning of a whole new relationship for them on a soul level. They start meditating with, and talking to this being in the portrait and it becomes a lifelong relationship with a new spirit guide. This is really what I give people, not just a painting.

Below I’ll go deeper into each separate package.DSC_2583

I hold space for all of your being and want to make sure you get some background information with the portrait that I am offering you. I am merely the channel for your guide to communicate through so I want to make sure that I offer you enough information with it, that’s why I always offer a written message alongside my portraits as well. I also want to empower you, it’s not about me giving something to you that you are unable to attain yourself. Because you are just like me, source energy trying to connect to your soul essence, and if I can give you a nudge in the right direction, I can empower you to dive deeper by offering you a guided meditation to deepen the connection with your guide. I want you to be able to get as much as possible out of this.

Over the years I have developed a few different portrait offerings, which I will explain below:

  • spirit animal package
  • past life package
  • elemental package
  • starseed guidance package

SPIRIT ANIMAL – what is a spirit animal?Just like we have deceased loved ones, souls from our soul family from past lives, or angelic beings in our team of light, we also have animal spirits guiding us! The indigenous from all over the world honored the animal spirits and the spirits of the land. Some of our animal guides can be deceased pets, but also wild animal archetypes that guide us throughout our lifetime here on earth because they symbolize a certain theme that we are working on in this specific incarnation. Connecting with an animal guide can be extremely beneficial to your spiritual growth. 

PAST LIFE – what is a past reincarnation?Here on earth we have a linear way of thinking, but the universe thinks in concepts and doesn’t really maintain a straight timeline. There is only the now-moment. We speak of past or future lives but in actuality it is all happening now, on different timelines. Connecting with a past life aspect of ourselves is basically just tapping into another aspect of our soul existing on a different timeline that is also taking place in the now-moment. But because we like to visualize this in a linear way we view these lives as “past”lives. If you were to look at a line and go to the middle ages you would indeed say that that is a past life. Now if you were to look at your soul and imagine a big garden, with a bunch of different flowers all growing at the same time, you choose to go smell the roses first, and then you would walk over to the lavender to go smell that, you are smelling one flower first before the other one, when in fact they are all growing and existing at the same moment. We can connect to other soul-aspects of ourselves while living our current life. Connecting with a past life can be extremely valuable to your spiritual growth. Because it allows you to re-activate certain gifts and talents that you once possessed, because in fact all is happening now, you can re-activate these gifts in this life by simply becoming aware of the stuff you were capable of in other lifetimes, or the person you were/are in another timeline. This contributes to your soul becoming whole and optimally using your skills in this current lifetime. We have many past lives, more than we can even connect to in one lifetime. So the one that matters most for you at this point in your current incarnation will come forward for you.

ELEMENTAL GUIDANCE – what is a nature spirit?The elementals are basically nature’s guardian angels. Just like we have spirit guides and angels surrounding us, so does nature and all its physical elements. You’ve heard of all the mythological being like unicorns and dragons and mermaids and each culture has it’s own fairy lore. They’re called devas in Asia, sidhe in Ireland. They are the subject of many stories but before earth descended into a 3rd dimensional state of experience we were operating in 5D. Think of times like Lemuria and Atlantis. A more ethereal state of living where we were perfectly able to interact with these beings. As humans entered the descension cycle those 2 worlds separated. Just like with angels there is a small percentage of people that can still perceive this elemental realm. And not only do they guide and orchestrate the energetics of mama Gaia, they also assist humans on their journey, for humans are OF Gaia. We closely cooperate with these nature spirits without even realizing it. They are masters of creation. Just look at the different seasons they create! Cooperating with these master manifesters will add so much value to your life!

STARSEED GUIDANCE – what is a cosmic guide?We have so many different types of multidimensional entities supporting us beyond the veil! We have such support. Just like our ancestors and deceased loved ones, past life connections, animal archetypes and angelic beings, we have light beings from other star systems and dimensions supporting us too. More and more people are seeing that extraterrestrial contact and spirituality go hand in hand and that we have connections to other star systems that go way back to times we can’t even imagine. Many people are awakening to their starseed nature. If you bumped into this website and are reading this, you are an old soul and what they call a starseed. These are old souls who remember that they are from somewhere else. You’ve always felt out of place kind of and would love to just take off into outer space. Your soul is remembering your galactic heritage. Connecting with a star guide can give you a whole new perspective on life. We have cosmic soul family from past/future/parallel lifetimes in our team of light that are supporting us and would love to connect on a deeper level. This time of ascension is a time where these guides are ready to step forward because with their cosmic knowledge they can help re-awaken your star aspect and help you connect to your cosmic home.

In each package you will receive:

  • 1 portrait (watercolor paint + pencil on thick watercolor paper A4 size
  • 1 channeled message/reading that’s relevant for you right now at this point in your life. It will be a message that makes perfect sense to you right now at this point in your journey. And it will come at the right time.
  • A guided meditation in mp3 format for you to deeper connect to your resp. spirit animal/past life aspect/elemental/cosmic guide

What I need from you to connect to your energy:

  • A recent picture where I can clearly see your face and eyes 
  • your full first and last name
  • your physical address and e-mail address to send you everything

If you have any specific things you are struggling with, aspects in life that you would like more clarity on, you can always mention this so I can keep this in mind when tuning into your energy. This isn’t necessary though but know that you can absolutely do this to get a more in depth reading.

Please fill out the contact form below for more info. Throughout the process I will gladly stay in touch with you through social media or e-mail to keep you up to date! 🙂 The package will be shipped to you with tracking within 3-4 weeks.