e-mail readings – I make room for my spirit team to come in and write short messages for people through automatic writing (half a page to a page), that is why the method of e-mail readings works so well for me. Automatic writing is a skill that I’ve had since childhood. I’ve fine tuned my intuitive receiver so to speak over the years, through practice, working with mentors and teachers, and regular “spiritual maintenance”. Regular energetic cleansing and recharging is essential when offering spiritual guidance for people, to ensure proper unbiased messages of the highest vibration possible are able to come through for you. I work with pictures and will connect to the person/animal in the picture by sensing their energy. I sometimes also get images shown to me or even see words spelled out or hear words or phrases. I sometimes may use divination tools for extra confirmation or to offer extra clarity, such as oracle cards, tarot cards or rune stones. 

  • What do I NOT do: predict one set future for you, this is a myth and just not relevant anymore in 2020 with timelines overlapping and shifting so rapidly
  • What DO I do: I tune into your energy and sense all possible timelines and how they would play out and how they would reconnect back to your main timeline aka mission as a soul and the mission of your higher self. I look at the options and present them to you and explain the outcomes and help you decide what is right for you at this time. There is no right or wrong, that is a human perception of life, there are only choices and source energy does not judge. 

I would love to assist you if you have any questions about pets, children, work, love, yourself. A little more info below:

PETSI kind of rolled into animal communication thanks to my own dog after I moved across the world and had to re-home him and couldn’t shake this feeling of intense grief. I soon realized that I was feeling his emotions, and that he was telepathically calling out for me to get him back. After almost a year of living separately we were reunited again, and so my interest in animal communication got sparked and I dove deeper into it. And after helping a good number of people with pet related issues I wanted to do more. If you have a pet that’s acting out, having a problem, or you’ve recently adopted a pet and are wondering how he or she is feeling in his or her new home and would like someone to connect to your animal, I’d love to be of service.

CHILDREN – As a mom of 2 high frequency souls, and author of a book all about these starbabies I can relate to all the parenthood challenges that these new-earth children can sometimes bring forward. I am living this mothering-life too, and can tap into source and have a chat, so I’d love to be of service in helping you connect to your child and helping you, help them.

WORKEver since I started channeling and automatic writing I have been helping out my friends with life choices and later on career choices. Where people sometimes can’t see the path anymore, I can take distance, tune in, and see the possible timelines and outcomes. Before earth’s acceleration into awakening it was possible to see only 1 possible future timeline. Because our planet’s vibration is speeding up, we are also speeding up our manifestation skills so I may be able to see a multitude of timelines available to you and also the outcomes of those. I once helped a friend make a career choice and clearly saw that she could stay put in her current job and be comfortable for many years to come still, but there would be no possibility for growth, she could also take this amazing job offer that she thought she wasn’t good enough for and blow her own mind, and grow tremendously over the years. I can help you with these tough life choices, but ultimately you have to do what feels right in your soul, never give your power away! But I would be more than happy to serve as the intuitive friend who can check out the possibilities for you. 

LOVE – If you’re looking for answers to questions like “will person x fall in love with me” or “will my ex boyfriend come back” then I am afraid that I may not be the person for you. I would love to help you out however if you want to dive deeper into dissolving blocks in your current partnership and want to deepen the level of consciousness that you have with your partner. If you and your partner have issues that you simply can’t seem to dissolve or issues that keep popping up and you would like some insight on that, I would love to help out and see what comes through for you. But as with any relationship the partners we choose are often mirrors and if we work on our self-love this will also reflect in our partnership. But I would love to be of assistance. 

SELFIf you’re struggling with something or feel blocked on another level that’s not mentioned in the previous categories, maybe you have some family issues from the past that are still bothering you, or just some personal thoughts about life, about your journey here that keep popping up that you’d like some clarity on or another perspective. 

For a mini-reading via e-mail I will need your:

  • e-mailaddress
  • a photograph of good quality
  • some background on what you would like more clarity on or the thing that you need help with figuring out, [for instance: “I got this job offer, I work in sales right now and have worked there for x number of years and now I got this other job offer and even though a part of me says do it another part of me isn’t sure and also wants to stay where I’m at”]. Contrary to what people sometimes think it’s actually better to give a little more information to a psychic because this allows me to dive deeper into your energy and into your question, the more clearly you phrase your question, the more clearly I can receive an answer. 

Please fill out the form below to request your reading and I will contact you back with more info!