about me

My path has been one with obstacles and curves and twists down the road, on a soul level we all choose our own path, and I chose this one, so I in turn can help you navigate the road ahead. I’ve traveled a lot. Literally speaking, I have spent a few months in the Middle-East, traveled to Asia, several European countries, and lived in the American desert for several years, and am currently based in Europe. Figuratively speaking I’ve traveled too. 

And if you’re reading this so have you. 

You’re also spiritually activated. The switch has been turned on. You’re no longer just living in the matrix and doing what’s expected. Perhaps you’ve gone through a spiritual awakening, or traumatic experiences that have made you question life and its meaning. But you’re here because you’re looking for something. Something extraordinary, something profound. A piece of the puzzle. Maybe it’s just an inspiring piece of art, something nice to put on your wall, something to aid your own growth, or beautify your altar space or living place. Maybe it’s an inspiring article, or confirmation of your own inner knowings, whatever it is, it brought you here. 


I’ve always known that there was more.

Ever since I was a child and was inexplicably drawn to paganism and witchcraft and everything fairy related. I started my spiritual awakening journey early, as a teenager, visiting mediums and going to spiritual workshops with my mom, who is an angel-communicator and reiki-practicioner. I learned how to use runes, tarot cards and automatic writing when I was only a teenager, when most kids my age were busy wondering what movie they were gonna go watch at the movie theater. I was doing all the typical teenage stuff too, but more than anything I loved sitting in my room, having “angel-conversations” with my notebook and runes and witchcraft books. I studied visual arts, and was painting and drawing all the time, either for school assignments or just for fun. After that, I put art on the back burner and went on to pursue a teaching degree. I denounced spirituality, tried to just fit in, wasn’t having any creative outlets anymore, and focused on college, and after that work, and went on to marry and have a kid. But what stays bottled up must one day come out…

I felt the urge to be creative again, I knew it’s what I was meant to do, that’s why I came here, to create, to make things for people, things that would somehow add value to their life. After all my experience with painting and drawing, I started exploring fiber-arts through yarn and thread. First with very practical things like clothing and accessories, rugs, baskets, curtains. Later on I discovered tapestry wall art and wall hangings.

And then I had a kundalini awakening that forced me to face a lot of stuff that I was unwilling to see for a long time.

And it forced me to throw my whole life upside down, once certain things are seen, they cannot be unseen. I started having vivid past life flashbacks, all the previous spiritual gifts that I had suppressed came back. I started immersing myself again in Celtic shamanism & druidry. Angel contact, ET contact, spirit animal contact, reincarnation, ET and ancient earth civilizations, soul family & past life timeline-mapping. New-earth children/highly sensitive children. Consciously being aware of the universal law of attraction and resonance. Manifesting my desired life through a daily practice of meditation and use of affirmations. I started having a lot of number synchronicity, everywhere, all day long, for months in a row, it is still ongoing to this day. I embraced the fact that I am an empath and a highly sensitive and decided to fully embrace my authentic self. With spiritual mentor Beth Katherine, founder of the sisterhood of the mermaid moon, I went on to take a 4 month deep dive course called medicine keepers of the blue-violet ray, which specifically works with Archangel Michael and the blue ray frequency. DSC_0931

I am a:

starseed, painter, fiber-artist, mystic, intuitive, animal-elemental & angel communicator who loves to help others find their true connection to source energy!