I am a lifelong intuitive. I am mainly clairsentient and clairvoyant. I’ve always had a fascination with mysticism for as long as I can remember. As a child I read books about witchcraft and fairies and otherworldly phenomena. I just felt the pull towards it. I started channeling my spirit guides through automatic writing when I was a teenager, after my mother, who is an energy healer/angel communicator herself introduced me to it. I would go over to people’s houses and before I realized it I had my rune stones out and my little notepad and I was writing down messages for people from departed loved ones. I dove head first into anything to do with angels, paganism, hypnotherapy, reincarnation, numerology, and so on..

circle-cropped (3)Over the years I’ve taken several courses with different spiritual development mentors both in Europe and the US, to fine-tune my intuitive gifts and to learn how to work with specific energetic frequencies, In my spiritual practice I work with Celtic shamanism, the Archangels, Lemurian color healing, cosmic and ancestral spirit guides, and spirit animals.

I have a diploma in visual arts, a Bachelor’s degree in early childhood education, and I am a certified color consultant, with a love for yarn and paint and writing. I combine my background in art & color studies with my intuitive gifts by offering custom made crocheted wallhangings and channeled portraits, and my education degree with my love for writing in my book spiritual mothering.circle-cropped (1)

On each of the subpages on this website you’ll be able to find out all the details about my creative services!