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Circle of fae alchemy – ascending with Gaia

circle /ˈsəːk(ə)l/ noun: circle; plural noun: circles
a group of people with a shared profession, interests, or acquaintances.
fae/faerie /ˈfeɪəri,ˈfɛːri/ noun: faerie; noun: faery
“the world of faerie” a fairy. plural noun: faeries, unseen, magical realms

alchemy /ˈalkɪmi/noun: alchemy

a seemingly magical process of transformation, creation, or combination.

So we are a circle dedicated to working with elemental energies in an energetically alchemical way.

About this group

This group, named circle of fae alchemy, was originally started as a group that was meant for like minded people to share about their spiritual/metaphysical experiences with the elemental realm/multidimensional realms. I love the vibe that we created that way, but have felt the pull to expand our horizons and to integrate other relevant ascension related topics. Originally we included topics such as

– the holistic nature of the universe and how we are all connected.

– the history of spirituality throughout the times of Atlantis, Lemuria, Avalon,..

– druidry, shamanism, priest/priestesshood of the old earth based religions and how they used plant medicine and worked with plant spirits for the well being of their people.

– earth based spirituality and experiencing nature beyond the 5 main senses

– angels and extraterrestrials, fairies and realize that throughout history they were often confused with one another. They all exist.

– elementals can be earth-based, but sometimes we’ll also talk about extraterrestrial elemental beings such as galactic unicorns and mermaids from the star system of Sirius. You don’t have to “see fairies” in order to be in contact with the elementals. You will know and feel it in your system when the elementals are interacting with you, your mood will shift and you will become aware of a presence or shift. It’s you balancing that veil! !!

As we still want to really discuss these topics, we would also like to expand. We realize that more and more people are experiencing ascension topics and are always evolving, including us, the admins. Any ascension related topic that you can think of is welcome here!!

We only have one rule. And that is that we will not tolerate anything that is of a low vibration, with the purpose to instill fear or panic, if you join this group, you also take on the responsibility of knowing that you are a piece of source energy and have full dominion over your own being, full free will on a spiritual level. This is particularly important to remember when talking about topics such as ET contact/hybridization program & twin flames. Any ascension related topic is welcome here, such as channeling, star seed remembrance, soul purpose, awakening symptoms, law of attraction/manifestation, reincarnation and regression, soul family, archangels & ascended masters, you name it. !!

If you like all of this then please join and help us turn this group into a cozy little place where we can all share and grow together in a spiritual way!


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