These readings are very similar to the akashic readings I offer here. As a parent of a highly sensitive, clearly different, maybe even “strong willed”, or “stubborn” or the opposite..extremely introverted and shy child, maybe you’ve tried everything and you just want some intuitive insight. How can you help your child? What does this child need to thrive here on earth? I know that as a mom of a very strong willed daughter who has vivid remembrances of other realities, it is important to be able to be there for these children. It’s not always easy, this journey is a challenge, for us, and for our children, I know that we have to stick together in this parenting journey, so I would love to be able to help you.

Automatic writing is a skill that I’ve had since childhood. I’ve fine tuned my intuitive receiver so to speak over the years, through practice, working with mentors and teachers, and regular “spiritual maintenance”. Regular energetic cleansing and recharging is essential when offering spiritual guidance for people.

I offer mini e-mail readings that are about 1/2 page to a page long, to help uncover your child’s soul mission and soul history. I work with pictures and will connect to the child in the picture by sensing their energy. I sometimes also get images shown to me or even see words spelled out or hear words or phrases. I sometimes may use divination tools for extra confirmation or to offer extra clarity, such as oracle cards, tarot cards or rune stones. 

For a mini-reading via e-mail I will need your child’s:

  • e-mailaddress
  • a photograph of good quality
  • If you want, some background information, any challenges in your parenting journey, struggles that your sensitive child is experiencing?

If you would like a more in depth akashic reading with a portrait, I do these for children too.

Please fill out the form below to request your reading and I will contact you back with more info!